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JPL Partners




JPL Partners is a boutique accounting and business advisory firm headquartered in Sydney's south.

They originally opened their doors in 1997 as P. Liddy & Associates and have been serving a steadily growing client base ever since.

July 2020 marked a new chapter in their business with the introduction of a new partner and with this change came a new approach toward being more technology and advisory-focused than they had been previously.

I was engaged to help them communicate this institutional change and strategic pivot to their existing clients and help usher in a new swathe of business clients.



I set about building a brand that encapsulated the firm's professionalism and new technological focus.

The logo illustrates JPL Partners' dedication to helping their clients grow and prosper. The upward pointing chevron device and arrow hidden in the negative space evokes a sense of positivity and an optimism about the future.

The use of one single colour gives the logo a versatility that allows it to be used effectively in a wide array of applications without compromising the strength of the brand.

As a legacy firm with a diverse array of clients, stationery remains a key medium for communicating with clients. I developed a suite of easy-to-use documents and templates that make use of a defined grid structure and employ horizontal lines that pay homage to the age-old accountants' ledger.

The JPL Brand is anchored by a bold and resplendent blue that speaks to the firm's modern approach to helping clients manage their businesses.

The brand's typeface is a humanist typeface called Questrial. The round and circular shape of the characters captures the firm's desire to welcome their clients and create an environment of safety, security and care.

The JPL Partners website is easy to navigate and its home page has been designed and built to allow customers to find the information they need without having to dig deep down into the site map.

As part of the branding process, we worked on a marketing plan that would put the new brand in front of clients on a more regular basis. This plan centres around a monthly email update and a regular blog posting schedule. This plan allows JPL Partners the avenue to provide valuable information to their clients and helps cement their reputation for peerless household finance and small business operational advice.


The unveiling of the new brand triggered more than one hundred calls on the first day of trading and new signage spurred two new business enquiries on the day they were installed - paying for themselves almost instantly.



JPL Partners is one of Sydney's most agile accounting and business advisory firms. They've been helping individuals and businesses in southern Sydney make smarter decisions with their finances since 1997.

Mat Faint Design Co. is a graphic design and illustration studio based in Paddington, Sydney. Mat helps businesses of all sizes to encapsulate, amplify and communicate their strengths visually through elegant design and resplendent illustration.


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