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Wow! Check out all of the amazing stuff I can do for you.


Give your business the resplendently ravishing look and feel it deserves with a well-considered brand.

Let's work together to amplify your strengths and set you up with a multi-faceted brand that makes a stellar first impression.


Every business is different and so are their needs, but a basic, indicative branding project looks something like this:

  • a one hour strategy session to get to the core of your brand

  • logo design

  • a suite of stationery including business cards, letterheads and email signatures

  • a brand guideline that outlines your brand's logo suite, typography, colour palette, stationery, iconography and how the brand looks across a number of applications

  • three design and review rounds to tweak, finesse and perfect your brand

The needs of different businesses fluctuate so branding projects can range from as little as $2,000 for small businesses or scale up to $10,000+ for larger firms.



A bit of resplendent colour is the perfect way to bring your ideas to life.

As far as businesses go, illustration is a super effective communication tool that is incredibly underutilised.

I've helped a bunch of clients - like engineering firms, solar installers and governments - better communicate their complex ideas and processes to their non-technical clients.

Also, it's just a great and easy way to separate yourself from the competition. 

If you've got an idea that needs deciphering, some merch in need of a eye-popping print or a page that needs brightening up, let's have a chat about sorting you out with a killer, colourful sketch.


Web Design

Keen to take the plunge and give that stellar business of yours a great new home on the world wide web?

Let's have a chat and work out what you need to best sell your strengths online. Then we'll build up a visually stunning site to help you put your first foot forward in front of potential customers.

The standard web design project includes:

  • a one hour initial workshop to determine what you're looking to achieve and what your website needs to succeed.

  • collation and sprucing up of your existing content

  • the design and development of 5 desktop and mobile-friendly web pages

  • SEO and domain name assistance 

  • 12 months web hosting with an easy-to-use CRM provider

The needs of every business differs so feel free to drop us a line if you want to sound out some options.


Graphic Design

There's a bunch of nice ways to get your business in front of customers - both old and new - and make a good impression.

From packaging to pitch decks, stationery to shop signs, menus to merch, stickers to social posts, flyers to flags and newsletters to notepads, I can help you sell yourself no matter which way you want to get in front of your clients.

Here's a little sampler of what I can put together for you and your business:

  • investor pitch and presentation decks

  • stationery (business cards, postcards, letterheads, notepads)

  • social media post templates and bespoke artwork for individual posts

  • email newsletters

  • packaging

  • reports and white papers

  • stickers, badges and other ephemera

  • merch and staff tees

  • menus for cafes and restaurants

  • mailout flyers

  • process diagrams, illustrations and infographics

  • shop signage, decals and flags



Got something in need of a nice splash of colour and class?

Tell me a bit about your plans for world domination and I'll touch base with you to nail down the all the details on the direction you want your design to head in, project scope, price and timeline.

Alternatively, if you just want to have a good old chat or tee up a time for a few schooners; drop me a line here:

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