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L2iQ (Layer 2 Intelligence)




L2iQ is one of Australia's leading rail communications engineering firms.

They've played key roles in building the networks for most of the major Australian rail projects in the past ten years.

They've lent their expertise to large firms and government bodies such as the NSW Government, the ACT Government, John Holland, Thales and Acciona.

I was tasked with giving some visual clarity to their service list by helping them to communicate their capabilities with clean, iconographic illustrations.



At the commencement of the project the L2iQ brand comprised of a logo and a prominent brand colour.

In developing a suite of illustrations that are to be used in concert with branded documents and pitch decks, I first extended the colour palette and adopted two contemporary, technical typefaces to amplify the sense of expertise and complexity in their work.

The suite of illustrations were all in aid of helping clients and collaborators to better understand and visualise the nuances of L2iQ's services.

The anchor of the entire suite was a large isometric overview of their services by taking a look across a section of rail network and pointing out all of the interconnected facets that rely on L2iQ's expertise.

This overview provided a portal for readers who could then delve deeper into each individual competency further into the capability statement.

Each of these capabilities opened up on an iconographic illustration that gave readers a quick sense of the value of each capability and how it affects or benefits the entire rail network as a system.

I borrowed from traditional rail and engineering symbolism through the use of straight and 45 degree linework (a la the conventional metro railway map), isometric features, radio network airwaves and dashboard icons just to name a few examples.



L2iQ is one of Australia's leading rail networking engineering firms.

Mat Faint Design Co. is a Sydney-based graphic design agency and illustration studio. Mat helps businesses of all sizes to communicate and amplify their strengths through elegant design and resplendent illustration.


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