The Blueprint: Neighbourhood Farms

About "The Blueprint":

“The Blueprint” is a stream-of-consciousness, Morning-Pages style exercise in exploring unbounded, utopian approaches to improving some small aspect of community life - no matter how superficial or significant.

Starting with a simple, open prompter: “How good would it be if…,”penning these pieces is a handy way to broaden the horizons of the creative thinking process and help organise even a small skerrick of the sea of thoughts that swim around the brain.

I think creative exercises like this are great for a bit of brain training and they're also good for introducing a bit of positive thinking into your daily routine. They also serve as a catalyst for a productive conversation on how we can do better - rather than the more well-trodden path of bemoaning how shit everything is.

Little Neighbourhood Farms

How good would it be if there was a productive little urban farm set-up in every neighbourhood. It would be a nicely laid-out parcel of land positively overflowing with verdant veggies and community spirit.

You know how local parks, gardens and sports fields are maintained by local government staff? Yeah, well this would work just like that. It would be just another type of essential recreational land to give citizens the space to grow - both literally and figuratively.

Council parks department staff would establish it all by planting seasonal veggies according to a growing calendar and there’d be perennial fruits and nuts and all that good stuff. They'd also install a bit of simple irrigation infrastructure to help everything tick along without the need for a heap of ongoing labour.

You could offer up volunteering opportunities to people in the community so they can learn about how to plant their own food, get a bit of exercise and meet some sweet new people in the process.

You could build a big, good-looking chicken coop, install a decent array of stingless, native bee hives (so that you don’t get stung whe