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Mat Faint Design Co. is the independent, one-man design and illustration studio headed up by Graphic Designer and Illustrator Mat Faint.

Mat loves helping brands come to life with a solid helping of resplendent colour.

He has a diverse arsenal of skills and styles at his disposal and this allows him to devise and execute effective solutions that are truly tailored to the specific needs of each business he works with.

Mat's always keen for a chat over a brewed beverage or two, so if you're keen to discuss making some great stuff together, drop him a line.

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Are you keen to spruce up that business of yours?

Got a brand you're looking to dress up and get ready for launch?

Need a nice little publication prettied up and primed for print?

Or have you got some white space in your magazine that you're looking to fill with some cheerful, resplendent illustration?

For all this and more, get in touch and let's have a good chat about how I can we can do some great stuff together.

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